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International Cynological Alliance

International certification exhibition of dogs

"The international standard of selection quality "DogLux""


The international constantly operating certification exhibition of dogs "The international standard of selection quality "DogLux"" is organized by the International Cynological Alliance of the IUCI (ICA).

The status and competence of the ICA are determined by the special Regulations.


of the International Cynological Alliance of the IUCI (ICA).

1. TheGeneralStatus

International Cynological Alliance (ICA) is the independent structural division of the IUCI functioning on the basis of the present Regulations in the status of the joint adventure with own competence, as well as organizational and functional independence. The ICA unites qualified specialists in the field of cynology urged to carry out professional assessment and joint determination of modern trends in selection-related development of dog breeds, and also to promote their optimal evolution in modern conditions.

2. Mission

Mission of the ICA includes all-round promotion of the evolutionary development of dog breeds in modern conditions in the context of organic combination of their physical, mental and esthetic features; widening of the "biosocial partnership" between dogs and men; preservation and development of the optimal environment for dogs; comprehensive protection and development of the biosphere, as the system of interdependence and interaction of biological organisms.
3. Aims and goals

Aims and goals of the ICA: formation (within the framework of ICA) of the professional international community of qualified specialists in the field of cynology sharing the mission and goals of activity of the organization; establishment of the international network of partners of the ICA willing and able to carry out effective activity in the field of cynology; development of cooperation of the ICA with international and national governmental and public organizations from around the world (interaction with which can improve the ICA activity effectiveness and help us fulfill our mission); large-scale international distribution of activities of the ICA and information about such activities; development of optimal mechanisms of admission to resources of the ICA from the side of persons concerned; ensuring effective communications between the organization and the wide international community; organization of the system of support of the ICA activities with efficient legal and other advisory services; organization of authoritative international events aimed at the professional assessment and joint determination of modern trends in trends in selection-related development of dog breeds; educational and promotional activities in the field of natural sciences, cynology, "biosocial partnership" between dogs and men; publication of original works and periodicals devoted to matters of natural sciences and cynology.

4. Competence

The ICA possesses wide competence corresponding to the stated mission and goals of activity, limited by functional reasonability and legal admissibility of implementation of certain actions.

Within the structure of the IUCI the ICA has exceptionally specialized competence and the right to implement corresponding authorities on behalf of the IUCI independently and without the possibility of any interference from the side of the IUCI officials, excluding cases when activities of the ICA and decisions made by its governing bodies may cause material or any non-material damage to the IUCI, its members, partners or clients. In such situations the IUCI has the right to veto any decisions made by governing bodies and officials of the ICA and raise the question about relieving the indicated persons of the positions occupied.

Within competence delegated to the ICA, it acts on behalf and in interests of the IUCI without the letters of attorney or any other additional documents.

5. Organization and management

The highest governing body of the ICA is the Congress of Members gathered by the Collegium not less than once a year and on the demand of not less than 25% of the ICA members. Authorities of the ICA Congress include settlement of matters within the competence of the ICA, including the right to cancel previously approved decisions of the Administrative Collegium by the qualified majority of votes.
The highest executive body of the ICA is the Administrative Collegium formed by members of the ICA for a term of three years. Authorities of the Administrative Collegium are based on the competence of the Congress of Members. Administrative Collegium fulfills functions of the Congress during the period between its meetings.
The ICA Secretary General is the head of the Administrative Collegium and the highest official of the ICA. Secretary General is elected by members of the Administrative Collegium for its term of office. Secretary General can independently represent the ICA in relations with third parties, sign documents on behalf of the ICA and independently make operative decisions requiring further approval by the Administrative Collegium. Secretary General has the casting vote at meetings of the Administrative Collegium.
All collegial decisions in governing bodies of the ICA are made by the simple majority of votes, excluding cases when the decision must be made by the qualified majority of votes - 2/3 of the general number of members of the corresponding collegial body.

Subject-related and qualification-related sections may be established inside the ICA.
Regional representation of the ICA is carried out by national and territorial agencies.
As soon as the functional necessity appears, the ICA, represented by the authorized collegial bodies, has the right to establish other subordinate governing bodies (and delegate them with the corresponding competence) in order to improve effectiveness of own activity.

Elected bodies and officials of the ICA may be disestablished ahead of time or re-elected in cases when corresponding persons commit actions testifying to insufficiency of their competence or professionalism, or actions able to cause material or any non-material damage to the IUCI, ICA, their members, partners or clients.

6. Membership

Individuals or legal entities with the necessary competence and the professional qualification may become members of the ICA.

In order to become members of the ICA persons concerned must submit the relevant application addressed to the IUCI Expert Council Head or the ICA Secretary General.
Legal entities implement their membership in the ICA through their authorized heads.
All members of the ICA have equal rights. Every member has 1 vote for decision-making within the framework of activity of the ICA collegial bodies.

Membership in the ICA assumes active work aimed at implementation of the mission and goals of the ICA.

7. Attributes and symbols

The ICA has its own symbols, original letterheads and the special stamp.
Documents of the ICA are additionally verified and sealed by the authorized officials of the IUCI in order to make such documents absolutely legitimate.

8. Final provisions

Congress of Members of the ICA has the right to supplement and concretize provisions of the present Regulations with its decisions.

Relations not directly regulated by the present Regulations must be regulated by competent decisions of governing bodies or officials of the ICA (or in accordance with general principles and the ideology of activity of the ICA).
Decisions of the Congress of Members introducing changes to the present Regulations come into force only after approval by the Head of the IUCI Expert Council.